Alexandria Co. For Pharmaceuticals & Chemical Industries Affiliated Co. Of Drug Holding Company

Alexandria Co. For Pharmaceuticals & Chemical Industries
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Board of Directors

  • Dr.Afaf ُEl-Mo'taz Bellah Mubarak
    Chairman & Managing director.
  • Dr.Adel Saleh Tawfik Ahmed
    Managing Director for Technical Affairs.
  • Eng.Ahmed Hosni Ayouti
    Board Member of the shareholders.
  • Mr.Farid Ismail Ghellab
    Board Member.
  • Mr.Ashraf Abdel-Hafiz
    Board Member.


  • Mr.Hamdi Mustafa Albzawy
    Head of Purchasing & Warehouse Sector
  • Mr.Hassan Ahmed Tawfik
    Head of Financial Sector
  • Dr.Imam Mohammad Jamal al-Din
    Head of Marketing Sector
  • Dr.Abla Yusuf Abdullah
    Head of Planning, Follow up and Importation Sector
  • Mr.Farid Ismail Ghalab
    Head of Administration Sector
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