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Alexandria Co. For Pharmaceuticals & Chemical Industries
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1- Neofloxin Tablets 
2- Romalex Ampoules 
3- Mepecaine – L Cartridges
4- Amprolium 20%  Powder for veterinary use 
5- Ampicillin 20% Oral Powder for veterinary use 
6- Chlorhexidine Sterile Gauze Dressing 
7- Dexonium Ampoules 
8- Cardixin Tablets 
9- Caldenor Cotton Adhesive Plaster 
10- Surgical Gloves (size7.5, 8, 8.5) 
11- Mepecaine Cartridges 
12- Mepecaine-L Cartridges 
13- Tobralex Eye DropsUghanda 
1- Antiver Suspension 
2- Antiver Tablets 
3- Aspain Tablets 
4- Dagrinol Tablets 
5- Meclopram Ampoules 
6- Ocuphenicol Eye Drops 
7- Chloroquine phosphate Ampoules 
8- Meclopram Tablets 
9- Septazole Suspension 
10- Septazole Tablets 
11- Gentamicin 80 mg Ampoules 
12- Mepecaine Cartridges 
13- Mepecaine-L Cartridges 
14- Mydrapid 0.5 % Eye Drops 
15- Mydrapid 1% Eye Drops 
16- Gentamicin 5% Injectable Solution 
17- Gentamicin 10% Injectable Solution 
18- Romalex Ampoules 
19- Cidarin 10% Injectable SolutionGabon 
1-Fluver Suspension 
2-Fluver Tablets 
3-Antiver SuspensionNiger 
1- Lessuric 100 mg Tablets 
2- Lessuric 300 mg Tablets 
3- Glycodal Tablets 
4- Praziquantel Tablets 
5- Romalex Ampoules 
6- Vitamin B complex Tablets 
7- Romafen Gel 
8- Antiver Suspension 
9- Antiver Tablets 
10- Cardixin Tablets 
11- Alexoquine Syrup
1- Meclopram Tablets 
2- Neofloxin Tablets 
3- Caldenor (Silk & Cotton) Adhesive Plaster 
4- Surgical Gloves (size7.5, 8, 8.5) 
5- New –Tiger Porous Plaster 
6- Dexonium Eye & Ear Drops 
7- Otophenicol Ear Drops 
8- Meclopram Oral Drops
1- Caldenor Silk Adhesive Plaster 
2-  Mepecaine Cartridges 
3-  Mepecaine - L CartridgesBahrain 
1-Panthenol Cream 
2-Chlorohexidine Sterile Gauze Dressing (10X10 cm) 
3-New –Tiger Porous Plaster 
4-Loperasin CapsulesKuwait 
1-Chlorohexidine Sterile Gauze Dressing 
2-Lactoline Syrup 
3-Dexapanthenol 5% Cream 
4-Mepecaine Cartridges 
5-Mepecaine-L Cartridges 
6-Nazine Nasal Drops Kenya 
1-Antiver Tablets 
2-Lessuric 100 mg Tablets 
3-Lessuric 300 mg Tablets 
4-Septazole Suspension Namibia 
1-Ocucarpine 2% Eye Drops 
2- Ocuphenicol 0.5% Eye Drops 
3- Boxinate Eye Drops Oman 
1-Romalex AmpoulesYemen 
1-Septazole Suspension 
2-Ocusul 10% Eye Drops 
3-Ocusul 20% Eye Drops 
4-Ocusul 30% Eye Drops 
5-Fumiron Plus Capsules 
6-Cardixin 0.25 mg Tablets 
7-Antiver Suspension 
8-Coronit 20 mg Lentocaps 
9-Chloroquine phosphate Ampoules 
10-Meclopram Pediatric Suppositories 
11-Fluver Tablets 
12- Pental 400 mg SR Tablets 
13-Antiver Tablets 
14-Caldenor Cotton Plasters 
15-Mepecaine Cartridges 
16-Comidal–L Tablets 
17-Mepecaine–L Cartridges 
18-Chloroquine phosphate 250 mg Tablets 
19-Meclopram Adult Suppositories 
20-Minophylline-N 2.5% Ampoules for IV Infusion 
21-Lidocaine 2% gel 
22-Sterilized Surgical gloves 
23-Etacynone Ampoules 
24-Do-spacure Tablets 
25-Do-spacure Ampoules 
26-Vitamin B Complex Tablets 
27-Malcedar Tablets
28-Malcedar AmpoulesGeorgia 
1-New –Tiger Porous Plaster Jordan 
1-Dexonium Ampoules 
2-Meclopram Ampoules (Antivot 
1-New –Tiger Porous PlasterPalestine 
1-Ocuphenicol Eye Drops 
2-Cardixin Tablets 
3-Ocusul 10% Eye Drops 
4-Lessuric 300 mg Tablets 
5-Mepecaine Cartridges 
6-Mepecaine-L Cartridges 
7-Neofloxin Tablets 
8-Minophylline 300 mg SR Tablets Romania 
1-Salbovent Tablets 
2-Cerebal Tablets 
3-Askine Tablets 
4-Caldenor Adhesive Tapes 
5-Otophenicol Ear Drops 
6-Digoxin Tablets 
7-New-Tiger Plaster 
8-Postine syrupEmirates 
1-Septazole Tablets 
2-Amprolium 20% Powder for Veterinary Use 
3-Gentamicin 10% Injectable Solution For Veterinary Use 
4-Oxytetracycline 20% Powder for Veterinary Use 
5-Amoxycillin 20% powder for Veterinary Use 
6-Cafosal Injectable Solution For Veterinary Use 
7-Analgin 50%  Injectable Solution for Vet Use
1-Absunate Tablets 
2-Malarimal TabletsSaudi Arabia 1-Castor Oil. 2-Septazole Tablets. 3-Askine Tablets. 4-Mepecaine Cartridges. 5-Mepecaine–L Cartridges. 6-Oxytetracycline 20% Powder. 7-Sulphadimidine Injectable Solution. 8-Cafosal Injectable Solution. 9-Cidarin 10% Injectable Solution. 10-Erythromycin 20 % WSP. 11-Chlortetracycline HCl 20 % WSP 12-Analgin 50%  Injectable Solution 13-Erythromycin 20% Powder 14-Gentamicin 5% Injection 15-Amoxycillin 20% Powder 16-Tetralex 5% Injectable Solution Use. 17-Sulphadimidine 100% Powder 18-Neomycin 20 % Powder. 19- Ampicillin 20 %WSP 20- Enroxin 10% Solution.Iraq 
1-Ampicillin 250 mg Capsules 
2-Ampicillin 500 mg Capsules 
3-Amoxycillin 250 mg Capsules 
4-Antiver Tablets 
5-Antiver Suspension 
6-Cardixin Tablets 
7-Castor Oil 
8-Cephalexin 250 mg Capsules 
9-Chlorhexidine Sterile Gauze Dressing 
10-Chloroquine Phosphate Ampoules 
11-Coronit 20 mg Lentocaps 
12-Dagrinol Tablets 
13-Dexonium Ampoules 
14-Fumiron Plus Capsules 
15-Fungizole Cream 
16-Glycodal Tablets 
17-Lactoline Syrup 
18-Lidocaine 2% Injection 
19-Lidocaine Gel 
20-Lessuric 100 mg TabletsCôte d'Ivoire 
1-Antiver Tablets 
2-Antiver Suspension 
3-Alexoquine TabletsBurundi 
1-Gentamicin 40 mg Ampoules 
2-Dexonium Ampoules 
3-Gentamicin 80 mg Ampoules 
4-Fungizole Cream 
5-Otophenicol Ear Drops 
6-Ocuphenicol Eye Drops 
7-Lessuric 300 mg TabletsRwanda 
1-Mepecaine 3% CartridgesMadagascar 
1-Sominaletta AmpoulesRussia 
1-New tiger porous plaster 
2-Ocumethyl Eye Drops
1-Antiver Tablets 
2-Antiver Suspension 
3-Nazine Nasal Drops 
4-Salbovent Syrup 
5-Supervine Capsules 
6-Ocumethyl Eye Drops 
7-Otophenicol Ear Drops 
8-Neofloxin Tablets 
9-Minophylline SR Tablets 
10-Tramadol Ampoules 
11-Meclopram oral drops 
12-Ocuphenicol Eye Drops 
13-Romafen Gel 
14-Romalex Ampoules 
15-Gentamicin 80 mg Ampoules 
16-Oxytetracycline Powder 
17-Tetralex 5% Injectable 
18-Mepecaine-L Cartridges 
19-Niclosamide Tablets 
20-Tramadol Capsules 
21-Cidarin 10% Injectable SolutionSenegal 
1-Antiver Suspension 
2-Praziquantal Tablets 
3-Amiodarone 200 mg Tablets 
4-Dexonium Ampoules 
5-Furosemide 40 mg Tablets 
6-Salbovent Ampoules 
7-Cardixin Tablets 
8-Falcidar Injection 
9-Salbovent SyrupCameroon 
1-Salbovent Ampoules 
2-Cardixin Ampoules 
3-Dexonium AmpoulesNigeria 
1-Occuzoline Eye Drops 
2-Otophenicol Ear Drops 
3-Ocuphenicol Eye Drops 
4-Legalex Tablets 
5-Meclopram Tablets 
6-Meclopram Oral Drops 
7-Biltricide Tablets 
8-Ducdyne Tablets (Acknowledge form) 
9-Malarimal Tablets (Acknowledge form)Togo 
1-Dexonium Ampoules 
2-Vitamin B Complex Tablets 
3-Romafen GelMali  
1-Vitamin B complex Tablets 
2-Alexoquine Syrup 
3-Romafen Gel 
4-Romalex Ampoules 
5- Salbovent Ampoules 
6- Lessuric 100 mg Tablets 
7-Lessuric 300 mg Tablets 
8-Lidocaine 2%Ampoules 
9-Glycodal Tablets 
10-Praziquantel Tablets 
11-Antiver SuspensionTanzania  
1-Salbovent Forte Tablets 
2-Ocusul 10% Eye Drops 
3-Romalex Ampoules 
4-Mepecaine Cartridges 
5-Mepecaine-L Cartridges 
6-Dexonium AmpoulesCongo 
1-Lessuric 100 mg Tablets 
2-Romalex Ampoules 
3-Lessuric 300 mg Tablets 
4-Boxinate Eye Drops 
5-Cardixin Tablets 
6-Neofloxin Tablets 
7-Mepecaine–L Cartridges 
8-Occuzoline Eye Drops 
9-Pental SR TabletsGuinea 
1-Alexoquine Syrup 
2-Minophylline-N Ampoules for I.V. Infusion 
3-Cardixin Tablets 
4-Dexonium Ampoules 
5-Glycodal Tablets 
6-Praziquantel 600 mg Tablets 
7-Romafen Gel 
8-Romalex Ampoules 
9-Salbovent Ampoules 
10-Sominaletta Ampoules 
11-Vitamin B Complex Tablets 
12-Lidocaine 2% Ampoules 
13-Septazole Tablets 
14-Septazole SuspensionsSierra Leone 
1-Septazole Suspension 
2-Neo-Minophylline SyrupKazakhstan 
1- Mepecaine - L Cartridges 
2- Romalex Ampoules 
3- Ampicillin 500 mg Capsules 
4- Caldenor Adhesive Tapes 
5- New – Tiger Porous Plaster Libya 
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