Alexandria Co. For Pharmaceuticals & Chemical Industries Affiliated Co. Of Drug Holding Company

Alexandria Co. For Pharmaceuticals & Chemical Industries
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About us

  • The company was established in 1962 as Nassar Lab. then developed to Alexandria Company for Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industries.
  • We Have two Factories, one factory for production of pharmaceutical products and the other for production of adhesive tapes, plasters & sterile surgical gloves.
  • Holding Company : Holding Company for Pharmaceuticals, Chemical and Medical Appliances (Holdipharma).
  • Company name : Alexandria Co For Pharmaceuticals & Chemical Industries.
  • Main Address : End of a Gamila Bohreid road - Awayed - Alexandria - Egypt.
  • Legal Form : Affiliated Egyptian Joint Stock Company subject to the provisions of Law 203 For the year 1991.
  • Date of establishment : 20/7/1991 (effective date of law 203 of 1991).
  • Date of enrollment in the stock market : 27/2/1995.
  • Term of the Company : 25 years starting from 20/7/2016 (effective date of law 203 of 1991).
  • Purpose of Business :
    1. Manufacture of chemical and pharmaceutical products, veterinary products, dietary supplements and medical appliances.
    2. Purchase, sale, import & export of all kinds of pharmaceutical products, medical appliances and raw materials relevant to corporate purposes.
    3. Representation of companies and organizations that deal with the products referred to in items (1 , 2) or are related to those products and, generally, all kinds of products medical and dietary supplements are considered.
    4. The Company may go through agreements with other companies and organizations which are interested in activities similar to its activities or with those which may assist it to achieve its objectives in Egypt or aboard.
  • Financial year : the financial year shall commence on july 1 of each year and end on june 30 of the following year.
  • Commercial Registration No. : Commercial Registration No. 63441, Alexandria on 10/5/1964.
  • Financial Auditors : Accounting Oversight Drug Administration - Central Auditing Organization 9 Emad Eldin - Cairo.
  • Nominal Capital : 100,000,000 L.E.
  • Paid Capital : 50,000,000 L.E Divided into 5 Million shares (The value of each share 10 L.E).

Owners :

  • 60% Drug Holding Company
  • 35% Investment Funds, Banks and Shareholders
  • 5% owned by employees.

Branches & Scientific offices :

  1. Cairo Sales branch.
  2. El Mansoura branch for middle delta distribution.
  3. Sohag warehouse for upper Egypt distribution.
  4. Cairo Scientific Office.
  5. Alexandria downtown Scientific office.

Certificates :

  1. Certificate of Registration of Quality Management System. Certifying that Alex.Co. operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of (ISO 9001:2008) from ASR.
  2. Certificate of Registration of Environmental Management System Certifying that Alex.Co. operates an Environmental Management System which complies with the requirements of (IS014001:2004) from ASR.
  3. Certificate of Registration of Occupational Health & Safety Management System Certifying that Alex.Co. operates an Occupational Health & Safety Management System which complies with the requirements of ( OHSAS 18001:2007) from ASR.
  4. Certificate of Registration of ISO 13485 : 2003 Certifying that Alex.Co. has established a quality managment system that is in conformance with the international Quality System Standard with a scope of : Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales and Distribution of Surgical Gloves, Adhesive Tapes, Porous Plasters and Sterile Gauze Dressing which complies with the requirements of (ISO 13485:2003) from ASR.
  5. Certificates for for manufacture of:
    a- Sterile surgical gloves (Class 2A) b- Sterile gauze dressing (Class 2A).
  6. ISO 9001:2008 certificates for manufacture of:
    a- Sterile surgical gloves b- Sterile gauze dressing.
  7. ISO 13485:2003 certificates for manufacture of:
    a- Sterile surgical gloves b- Sterile gauze dressing.
  8. Certificate from Romania National Medicines Agency Certifying that the manufacturing site & the manufacturing processes of Alex.Co. comply with Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations stipulated by the current Romanian legislation & elaborated in accordance with the Directive 2001/83/EC of the European Parliament.).
  9. Certificate from Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health General Directorate of Medical Licences & Pharma Affairs.
  10. 1Certificate from Libya General Directorate of pharmaceuticals and medical appliances.
  11. Certificate from Gulf Central Committee for Drug Registration (GCC) excutive board of the health ministers' council.
  12. Certificate from Qatar national health authority pharmacy & drug control department.
  13. Certificate from Eritrea ministry of health department of pharmacy service.
  14. Certificate from Kuwait ministry of health Drug and food control.
  15. Certificate from Iraq ministry of heath.
  16. Certificate from Emirates ministry of heath.

Type of actual products manufactured on the site :

A. Non-sterile products
A.1 Human solid dosage forms include:
A.1.1 Tablets
A.1.2 Hard Gelatin Capsules
A.2 Semi-solid dosage forms include:
A.2.1 Cream
A.2.2 Gel, Ointment
A.2.3 Suppositories
A.3 Liquid dosage forms include:
A.3.1 Syrup
A.3.2 Suspension
A.3.3 Oral drops
A.3.4 Ear drops
A.3.5 Nasal drops
A.3.6 External solution
B. Sterile products
A.1 Production line for Eye drops
A.2 Production line for Ampoules
A. 3 Production line for Dental carpules
A.4 Production line for Vials
A.Production line for vials

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